Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sidedressing Corn

Today we started sidedressing our corn. It was a little later start than normal with the smaller than normal corn from the frost and cold weather after planting. But it has been warm lately and the corn is really growing. We like to start sidedressing by 30 days after planting for corn after soybeans. With corn after corn, we have shown yield drop off if sidedress is later than 30 days after planting where no other N was applied. But we like to apply some nitrogen with the planter or strip till machine for corn after corn. We usually apply 15 to 20 gallons of N, like High NRG-N, this way. Another option is to apply some with the herbicide after planting, then sidedress if corn after corn. In this picture, Phil is sidedressing N to test plots where we evaluate different rates, formulations, and additives in the different experiments. This will continue for at least the rest of the week.