Monday, June 21, 2010

Are We Done Yet?

Brian and Tim are setting watermelon transplants into the plasic-covered raised beds for yet another specialty crop fertilizer trial. Tim sets the transplants while Brian adds the fertilizer treatment in the "setter water". Additional treatments were applied to the beds prior to covering with the plastic. There is irrigation drip tape under the plastic. (Incidently, this particular plastic is supposed to be bio-degradable at the end of the year, which will reduce the amount going to the landfill. This is the first year of using this at the NCRS.) The rows are long and the plants are many, but I'm sure I heard them whistling while they worked. I wonder how many people think that watermelons just magically appear in the grocery store? Brian and Tim know the work involved from start to finish, and the fertility information that is generated will be of great benefit to growers anywhere.We should be sampling the fruits of their labor sometime in late August to early September. Even though I am a spectator during planting, come harvest, everyone is welcome (or strongly encouraged) to pitch in. It is a chore picking and weighing through the multiple harvests from the plots. But the rewards are very tasty. Stop by for a bite in a few months, provided you work first.