Thursday, June 24, 2010

Highlight of the Trip

So this week has been pretty poor for getting much outside work done. It rained Monday and Wednesday, and on Tuesday the wind was really strong. And here we are ready to make foliar fertilizer applications to soybeans and corn. I got some corn sprayed late today and hope to make good headway on the soybeans tomorrow, as it is supposed to be nice. But today the Research Department was host to two new ACLF employees from California. They are Armondo Gutierrez and Jim Mills, who are Sales Account Managers, resposible for working with our existing dealers and developing new dealers in that agriculturally diverse state. They were in town for orientation with the company, but certainly most enjoyed the visit to the North Central Research Station. In the picture below, Specialty Crops Research Manager Brian Levene discusses the Roma tomato plots. Stephanie stays within earshot in case of any mistakes or questions. I thought you may enjoy seeing this. Brian has a row of sweet corn that is less than three feet tall in the process of making ears. Other sweet corn in the back rows is nearly as tall or taller, but is a long ways from making ears. How can you 'splain this? Well that sly Brian started the eared corn in our growth chamber and transplanted it to the ground below. It was grown in continuous light in the growth chamber, so it reached it's daylength requirement for ear production soon after transplanting, even though it was still short. The other corn in the picture was planted from seed. His goal was to have sweet corn ears by July 4th. That is quite a goal in Michigan. Hopefully it will work, and as Senior Research Manager guy, I will insist on checking production. Stay tuned.