Thursday, July 29, 2010

Coming To A TV Near You

Shhhh....I want to tell you something...OK, maybe not that, but the NCRS did have another visitor today. It's kind of a secret. It seems that Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers is filming another commercial, and had a film production crew here today. It was LeCrone Communications from Hilliard, Ohio, and we had Brian LeCrone himself. Now I can't tell you exactly what the commercial is about...mainly because I don't know myself. But I gathered that it had something to do with corn. In the picture below, we cut out some corn to enable filming with their cool boom camera. (Marketing will have to re-imburse us for the estimated 0.6 bushels of corn lost for this.) We see Phil providing quality control, while Stephanie stays within earshot in case of mistakes or questions. So how was I able to get this spectacular overhead shot? Well I was in a basket on a fork lift. I took lot's of pictures while up there, including some that were work-related, such as this view of our crops here on Farm 5. Looking good if you ask me.

And here they are filming at another location on the farm. They are getting a good look at some Liquid corn from top to bottom. I'm sure it will be a winner. Sadly they did not need any extras or walk-ons. So I was just a spectator, which is what I usually do best anyway.

So two visitors in the past two days. Can't wait to get to the farm tomorrow to see who is next.