Friday, August 20, 2010

Everyone at LIQUID was a farmer today

So today was our annual "Liquid employees visit the NCRS day". With several new employees, some had never even been out to the farm before. It is a day where we show everyone around the farm to give them an idea of what it is we do out here. And we got to use our new people hauler trailer made of bleacher seats. Below we see the employees from the farm and town office and plant loading up for the field tour. Hurry Troy, the ramp is closing. (He made it.)

At one of the stops, some guy talked about corn and how different fertilizer programs can affect root growth and ear development. A little rain would be nice. A lot would be nicer.

Here is our group leaving Farm 7, pausing by our new sign.

Below Brian talks about where all of the vegetables that get brought into town come from. Plus all of the donations to the Food Bank. It's from the nearly 700 individual plots from 20+ different experiments.

Back at the farm office, Doug and Phil set up an autosteer course to let employees see how satellites can guide the tractors. They rode along in the buddy seats in these tractors. This shows how we manage field plot establishment and maintenance. We have 1678 individual field crop plots on the eight farms of the NCRS this year.

Fun and games continue before lunch, as Dave Hines shows his winning form in the basketball contest. Tracy Dunn won the double X chromosome contest.

Nick listens to his mother's advice as he cooks the steaks, ribs and chicken. Whatever she said, Nick did a great job as it was all delicious.

Tim and Michelle lead the stampede through the serving line. Again, it was a great spread put on by Jill, Andrea and Allison Bancroft. So thanks ladies.

And here's the next generation of LIQUID: Nick and Andrea's boys Levi, David and Paul. Looks like we're in good hands for years to come.

Everyone at Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers, here in St. Johns as well as at the other plants and field locations, works hard to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality plant nutrition that there is today. So it is nice to take a little time to show off the farm so that everyone is on board with what we do here at the NCRS, the proving ground of Responsible Nutrient Management.