Saturday, August 14, 2010

If It's the 2nd Weekend of August...Then It's Mint Festival

So this weekend is the 26th annual St. Johns Mint Festival. And what is a festival without a parade? And what is a parade without a contingent from Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers? Here are the participants in the 2010 parade, with loyal Liquid employees and family and friends.
Now the parade is underway, with the Liquid banner leading a Liquid truck. Hopefully you will see this same truck with truckdriver John Dixon driving up your lane to fill your tank with pure Liquid fertilizer.
Nikole passes out samples of ferti-Rain for house plants to parade watchers. People really look forward to getting a sample each year. One day we hope to have a ferti-Rain fountain in the middle of town where people can come to fill their own containers.

Other passed out items this year included sweet corn and peppers, from Brians vegetable plots at the NCRS. How many parades have you been to where you get vegetables? People really like this too. We are doing our best to get people to eat more vegetables. And having them fertilized with Liquid makes them taste even better. Here we see Nick piloting the vegetable wagon with the John Deere B.

The Liquid crew makes its journey though the scenic neighborhoods of St. Johns much to the delight of parade watchers.

And now it's in the home stretch as the parade makes it to Main Street, better known as Clinton Street.
It was very hot and humid this morning, but the Liquid crew put the people of St. Johns and their company ahead of personal comfort, in order to spread food, fertilizer and Liquid good-will to the citizenry of greater St. Johns, Michigan. We'll look for you next year.