Monday, August 16, 2010

Tomato Food Chain Begins

So today Brian and the harvest crew started on the Roma tomato plots. They got an early start and they were still there late this afternoon. Tomato harvest is the toughest since there are so many per plot, and Brian always has lots of plots. They will be at it for several days, so there is still time if you want to come by and help. I don't think he will care if you eat one every once in a while.
This is one range of the tomato plots. Brian promoted ripening with an application of Etherel growth regulator last week. They look pretty loaded to me.

One group happy with the harvest is the Lansing Food Bank who came by late this afternoon for the first of several trips this week. They took 50 boxes of tomatoes weighing a total of around 3000 pounds. Phil is all smiles as he helps load. Keep up the good work.

Mother Nature is a Mad Scientist. So most of you have seen all of the flooding in Iowa. We usually get their weather some 2 days later, but this past week we got nothing but around a quarter inch of rain, and we are really getting dry now. Crops are starting to show it. Any rain would be welcome. Stephanie, who lives around 40 miles to the Northeast got several inches at their house, and 4 inches at their feedlot a few miles from their house. And she said a neighbor lost 160 acres of cucumbers that were ready to pick from 5 inches of rain. Ouch! So come on, spread it around a little!
Have a good week out there. R.I.P. Elvis.