Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Long, Cold Winter Showing Effects on NCRS Staff

So the cold winter continues here in the North, but the time is being used for a variety of projects. One is prepping the new Hagie sprayer for plot work. Below we see Doug and Phil (who is now a Supervisor) installing the new tanks where the old one was. Two tanks are always better than one. Here they admire their work. Can't wait to get it out in the field to do some sprayin'.
We also got a new (well new for us) mulch tiller today. Here we see Doug unhitching it after moving it to the parking lot.

Well, back to work. There are many more important tasks waiting, but I just wanted to let all of our followers, as well as our bosses, know that we are keeping busy out here. (First we ought to check the heater for carbon monoxide emission.)