Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Drive

So it was a Sunday afternoon, and like most people would do, I took a drive out to the farm. One thing we had today was a warm-up. It was sunny and in the mid-40's when I got out there, which felt nice after such a long time of cold weather. But I also dread it because of the mud.

I walked over to the equipment barn to see what the new Hagie looked like after some surgery Friday. And there she is with the boom shrunk down to plot size. It will need a little extension to cover the 15 feet that we spray, but quite a change.

Uh-oh. Over in the corner is the old plot Hagie. I think she has figured out that she is being replaced, as there were a few tear drops on the floor. Either that or some hydraulic fluid leaks.

Here are the boom sections that were removed. They will be stored in the yet to be built second equipment building which will be next to the red fertilizer/chemical building you can see (with some close looking) in the distance. It is the same one that I showed being built a few weeks ago.

So I posted this today as I am off on a fertlizer mission this week. If anything of note happens, you'll be the first to know.