Saturday, February 19, 2011

Road Work

So I was in Fargo, ND last week and spoke at a grower meeting hosted by Area Manager Kevin Abentroth. Two words: tough crowd. Things started out pretty rough as they proceded to eat me alive as they didn't believe that LIQUID could be all that we promote it as being the only fertilizer needed for growing crops. But after showing product proof with research results and differentiating the concepts of "usable" and "available", they came to see how LIQUID can grow crops with less pounds and is easier to apply. Especially with planting coming up soon, row application of LIQUID makes so much more sense than broadcasting dry or using other liquids that lack efficiency and can hurt growth. Also this week I was with Area Manager Chad Schlecter in South Dakota lining up some contract research and stopping by Hefty Seed in Baltic to visit with Darren Hefty and Rob Fritz about plots on the Blank Slate field again this year. Then Kevin and I, along with Mitch Abentroth, visited some more researchers in ND for additional plotwork this year.

Then I went to Great Falls, MT and met up with Regional Sales Manager Stuart Schilling for another plot research meeting followed by the long but scenic drive to Billings for another grower meeting and to visit the Montana Agri-Trade Exposition, where LIQUID had a booth. Below we see Area Manager Ed Schilling and AM Mike Kilzer visit with a LIQUID user.

So this was a busy week of work preparing for the upcoming growing season. Brian was busy too attending the Michigan Potato Growers meeting plus participating on a panel for donors to the Greater Lansing Food Bank. Recall that the NCRS donated some 30,000 pounds of vegetables to the Food Bank last year.
I knew that they were putting up the new communications tower at the NCRS last week and drove out to see it today. Yes it was there, and evidently they didn't need my help. There are also towers at the office and at the new plant in Ashley. This is supposed to enable better communication ability and faster internet. (Now that I can understand.) For some cool pictures of the antenna projects at all three of the sites, you should visit Nick Bancrofts blog

So last week is over and this week I am off on another fertilizer mission. Brian and I will attend the annual meeting of the Fluid Fertilizer Foundation, although I'm not going to say where it is. As always, should anything of interest come up, you will learn of it here.