Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Always Research

So Monday was a busy day again at the NCRS. We needed expert consultation, so Stephanie brought in her son Tyler to advise us. He gave us the thumbs up. Not sure if the thumbs up from a kindergartener is good or not, but we will take it. In the meantime, construction continues in all venues at the farm. Here is the concrete crew on Monday pouring our new parking area. It will be nice to not have to park in the mud.
Today we were busy with alfalfa plot harvest. Here we see Ron running the baler in a plot.

At the end, the baler kicks out the bale for that plot which will be weighed.

Now Ron drops the bale from a plot onto the scale wagon with the "claw". Jeff and Stephanie record the weight, and collect a sample for quality analysis, as well as a sample for moisutre determination. There are 21 plots in this experiment.

In the meantime, the corn is due for nitrogen application in many experiments around the NCRS. Here we see Phil making a sidedress application to a corn plot. Many nitrogen experimental applications will be made this week to enable discovery of all things research.

So we will be plenty busy, as we have been for many weeks. It continues to be our pleasure to share with you. Tell a friend. Or even an enemy. We are happy to share.