Monday, June 27, 2011

The End (of planting) is Finally Near

So for the first time in NCRS history, we finally had to throw in the towel on planting an experiment due to lateness. This wet, wet spring, and now summer, delayed planting so much that it is now just too late to plant milo and sunflowers and expect a harvest. So today it was dry enough to plant again, and it was decided to plant Navy beans in those spots. We do have some good treatments planned, so all is not lost. Below Phil gets an early start this morning on Navy bean planting. And then Stephanie managed the planting of the Black Bean experiment on Farm 7, again with Phil at the wheel. I'm sure I said it before that Michigan is the Number 1 producer of Black Beans.
I was away on a fertilizer mission, so I relied on the miracle of that thing we call the internet for the pictures. So that completes the major experiment planting. (Pause for cheering, even though it is almost July). Now what is left is what we call the "demo plots" which is where we plant different crops that we dig up and look at things like roots and leaves on tours. Usually they are planted a good month earlier, but who knows, we may be on the verge of a great discovery this year with late planting. That's what keeps us going......