Saturday, June 4, 2011

OK Now We're Done...Well Almost.

So this has been a very busy week trying to beat the calendar on finishing planting. The farm received about a half inch of rain last Sunday, much less than the 1.5 inches in Wacousta some 20 miles to the South. But it was still too wet to plant when we returned to work last Tuesday. But Wednesday through Friday we all made excellent progress. The field crops people planted 3 corn and 11 soybean experiments, which finished out the corn and beans. There are still some production beans which Doug is working at this morning. Phil was also in this morning getting caught up on spraying. So thanks to the first rate crew here at the NCRS, we are as caught up as we can be.

The following pictures are from the planting this week. Below we see the Monosem planting corn on Farm 7 on Wednesday with the drill in the background (look hard) planting beans.
Here is the drill. Most of the beans planted with the drill are with 15 inch rows.

Farm 7 still has some boulders out in the field that need to moved out of the way of the planter. Fortunately we have a he-man that can handle them.

Below Amanda prepares to load another fertilizer treatment in the drill. Not sure what caught Jeff's attention. I try to show these two in regular blog postings so that their parents and professors can see that they really are doing something here.

Here comes Phil in the planter aiming for Stephanie who took this shot. So after this week we will start sidedressing corn, planting Black and Navy beans, milo and sunflowers. The fun never ends.

So what have the veg heads been up to? They too have been very busy. The transplanter has been running long days too as we see here transplanting into plastic on raised beds. Brian is keeping an eye on the work of Tim and Dan. Good thing too.

Sorry it has been so long since the last post. But your author has been too sleepy at the end of days this week. Plenty more to come. I hope to get out and be able to show some treatment differences. So again, stay tuned and thanks for reading.