Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Now Put the Planter Away!

So I was still away on a fertilizer mission yesterday when all this happened, but Stephanie sent these photographs by carrier pigeon so that we may keep you, our loyal readers, informed. And as hoped, the last planting project was completed yesterday. This was the planting of the demonstration plots, or the "demo" plots as we like to call them. (Grow fast little seeds.) There are lots (by "lots" I mean I don't remember the exact number) of different fertilizer treatments on corn, soybeans, black beans and sugarbeets on which we can have "hands on" evaluations at the farm tours coming up later this summer. (Wanna come?) Below Phil guides the planter through a plot. These plots are much shorter than the regular research plots since they are for demonstration purposes only. Yep, it was cloudy and sprinked a little, but the rain stayed away for once. Jeff watches Amanda fill a bucket of fertilizer as part of the next treatment mix. Looks like she got it right. Jeff likes to impress people by telling them he is an intern at St. Johns. (The "hospital" part goes without saying.) No, in reality, he is proud to be an agronomist. Well I return to the NCRS in St. Johns, Michigan tomorrow, and chaos is certain to ensue. It's time to start foliar spraying of soybeans, and drop nozzle applications of N on corn. With that to look forward to, I may be early for once! Stay tuned.