Monday, May 20, 2013

Lot's of Stuff Going In the Ground

So remember last week when I showed some pics of the emerging corn on Farm 3 that got frozen.  Can't believe that happened exactly one week ago tonight (Sunday) as it's been very warm lately, in the 80's. I took this picture on Friday afternoon. Well of course the corn survived and emerged, but the frosted part caused the leaves to stick on the ends and fail to unroll normally.  It will be ok as the other leaves emerge, and hopefully push these apart.  It's always something.
I also had to do a job that no one else wanted to do.  Probably because they are all busy with important stuff.  But on our demonstration farm, that being Farm 12 where the field days will be, there is an alfalfa plot that needed spraying with fertilizer ahead of planting.  They are small plots, so the backpack sprayer was called into action.  It's been a few years since I last donned this sprayer.  But like riding a bike....although you walk instead of pedal.  And F.Y.I., we use a metronome to maintain a steady, calibrated pace for ultra-accuracy.  That's the NCRS way.
The field crops crew worked all week and on Saturday as well planting soybeans now.  It has been great planting weather for several weeks.  Well recall weeks ago when I complained about it raining all the time.  Well we could use a shower any time now.  I won't complain any more.  (How many times have I said that?)
Here is a shot of Jeff on the drill and Tim on the Monosem planting soybeans.
There were some visiting agronomists on the farm this week.  The last time we saw Rick and Mike in the blog they were standing in the snow outside the office in February.  Unusual weather for them at the time being from California and Florida.  Now they are transplanting tomatoes the Michigan way.  If the agronomy thing doesn't work out they will have something to fall back on.
MSU Intern Peter is shown doing a different kind of transplanting: Christmas Trees!  Michigan is the Number 1 Christmas tree growing state, so glad we can add to the numbers.  They take a while to grow before harvest.  But it will be reported here first.
Well there was plenty of other stuff going on last week, but it's too late to go any further.  Morning will come soon and time for yet another fertilizer mission.  Should I decide to accept it.  Since all of my bosses will be there, I guess I'd better.  Goodnight.