Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day Parade...Small Town Version

So here it is Memorial Day weekend...and if you live in Wacousta, Michigan, that means parade.  This marks the 4th time the Wacousta parade has been featured in this newsworthy blog.  Yesterday morning I walked all the way to town to avoid the traffic.  And here is the parade opening: the local Boy Scouts followed by the local marcing band.  And then there was a fire truck.
And how many parades can claim to have the official 1974 Indianapolis 500 Pace Car?  Not many I'll bet.
And of course there was a long string of tractors.  Most were of the green variety, although for fariness, a few reds were in the show
And then there was an old car followed by the local 4-H kids, many carrying or leading some animals.
And bringing up the rear was a horse.  Good placement.
And just like that, it was over.  They did commemorate the war veterans who are the reason for the Holiday after all.  But next year and another parade will be here before you know it.  Hope your weekend was equally exciting.