Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Start of a Busy Week

So yesterday was the start of a what I'm sure will be a busy week for everyone at that little place we love to call The NCRS.  We were also fortunate to have three of the four college interns start too.  These were from MSU. Two in Horticulture will be working with Brian in the specialty crops and one in Crop and Soil Science will work mostly with Tim and Stephanie.  We have another CSS student from West Texas State who will start later, once he realizes how far of a drive it is up here.  I'm sure I will have a feature episode on them later. But first there was work to do.  I actually had to help the field crop bunch yesterday if you can believe that.  Below is the scene on Farm 12 with Jeff and new intern Mike marking plots for dry (eww) fertilizer application.  But we accept all fertilizers for testing regardless of source, feed or color.  In the background Tim and Stephanie are planting plots. 
Here comes Tim in for a re-fill as Stephanie preps the War Wagon, as it is called, for the next treatment.  To the left Ron got out of the fabrication shop to work some ground.  He was happy for that, and so was I.
Colorful blend of green (twice), purple and blue.  Actually the fertilizer is probably pretty green too if it's AgroLiquid.
And this one is definately not pretty or green.  But all are welcome for testing.  I'm not one to name names, but this is a new competitive product being tested this year.  Not sure what the attraction is.  It was thick and difficult to handle.  But we will see.
Later on Farm 7, Intern Mike and Jeff prepare the spreader for more comparison applications.  In the backgroud is Phil's sprayer also busy.
And off on another round.
Well I regret not being able to check in on the specialty crop crew, but I know they were busy too.  And more to come as we are enjoying unusually warm and dry weather for awhile now.  But after my one day of work, I am off on a new fertilizer mission starting today.  More news of that to follow I hope.  But I wanted to get this posted before I left for all the NCRS watchers out there in blog-land.  Good luck where ever you are.