Monday, May 13, 2013

She's So Cold, Cold, Cold

So last week was a busy week for planting, and the temperatures were 10 to 20 degrees above normal.  Naturally Mother Nature had to balance that out, so it frosted last night.  Temperatures got down in the upper 20's for some 8 hours last night (Sunday night).  Normally we are happy to see corn emerge, but this corn got the cold shock and the first leaf is toast.   It was planted on May 2.  For those in the know, the growing point is still underground and it will regrow.  But we are now going to have to wait before we can "row" some corn.
Some of the grapes on Farm 2 now have some crispy leaves that were frozen.  They are small enough and will regrow from secondary buds with minimal effect on yield.  Hopefully.
The apple blossoms appear to be ok over on Farm 8.  Will have to keep an eye on them.  Did you know this is Michigan's state flower?
The wheat on Farm 3 looks really nice.  If you like wheat that is.
We're not a wildlife refuge, intentionally anyway.  But look at the size of the tracks.  Two kinds of turkeys here apparently.
In the meantime, Brian and MSU intern Erin planted potato plots.  These are Snowden variety potatoes.  You know, for potato chips.  Yummm.  This is a pretty big field as you can see, and it is one row at a time.  I wonder how many miles Erin had to walk?  But she said she was having fun.  And everyone tells me the truth.
And on the field crop side, late this afternon, Tim and Stephanie apply some nitrogen treatments to some recently planted corn.  They were in mid-stride here and were still planting well after dark.  But Stephanie said it was fun.  And everyone tells me the truth.
Well it is time for me to depart on yet another fertilizer mission tomorrow.  Any guesses?  Well it is really important, and I will keep you up to date.