Tuesday, March 3, 2015

New Pancakes and Personnel

So of course we at the NCRS celebrated National Pancake Day.  Unfortunately the parade in town was called off due to snow.  But good ol' Tim volunteered to not only cook our pancake (and sausage) breakfast, but also to serve it.  Like below as he loads up Mitch with a fresh batch. Now that is the way to start a day.  I think there should be a pancake day every month.  Are you with me?
 I also want to take this opportunity to introduce two new employees in Agronomic Sciences (which we researchers and agronomists are part of.)  On the left is Jay Eccelton who began he job as the NCRS Department Manger in mid-January.  It was decided that with all of the different activities going on at the NCRS, like research, non-research crop production, building projects, grounds and building maintenance, tours and lots of other things, that we needed someone at the top of the food chain to keep things running smoothly.  In other words, be the go-to guy to direct traffic.  Jay comes to the NCRS after a long career in golf course management, namely the Emerald Golf Course here in St. Johns.  It is a premier destination course here in mid-Michigan due to Jay's years of management and good ideas.  It was a hard decision for him, but he was ready for a new endeavor and this is good news for both him and AgroLiquid.  Plus he joins the six other MSU alumni here at the NCRS, having a degree in Crop and Soil Sciences. (And notice that Jay leads by example wearing eye protection in the shop.)

On the right is new Field Agronomy Manager Dan Peterson who just started this week and is in town for orientation.  He comes from Eastern Wisconsin and has a very solid ag background that will make him a valuable agronomist for his region which will be the Western Upper Midwest and Northern Plains states. But he will also assist where needed.  Dan has worked in farming, ag retail, livestock management, a long time as a crop consultant and as an agronomist for a fertilizer company.  He has an ag degree from Illinois State University.  With Dan, there are now five Field Agronomy Managers at your service.
Welcome Jay and Dan to the AgroLiquid family.  Now get busy!  There's lots to do with the growing season getting closer every day up here.