Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Topdressing Wheat Plots

So I was gone again last week, but the weather improved so much that Tim and Stephanie were able to make the topdress applications to the winter wheat experiments.  This actually was last Tuesday, March 24.  Usually we aren't able to get on the fields until early April due to snow and muddiness. But it dried out sufficiently to make the applications.  Here are the spray applications to the plots on Farm 5.  (It's hard to see, but there is wheat there.)
And just to be fair we make comparisons with conventional fertilizers like urea here.  This applicator, nicknamed the Blower, has been shown many times in previous blog posts. But it is still a work of art originally crafted by Doug Summer when he was at the NCRS.  It has a PTO driven turbine fan to propel the granules out the back.  It is calibrated for the different rates applied and is also used for other dry fertilizers in other experiments.
Well glad that's done.