Sunday, August 28, 2016

3rd Annual Farm to Fork Charity 5K at the NCRS

So time sure goes by quickly anymore.  Like Saturday was already the third 5K at the NCRS.  Like before, the Greater Lansing Food Bank was the major recipient of the funds raised.  Before the race, a spokeswoman from the charity announced that the funds raised from today's race would provide 90,000 pounds of food to the charity recipients.   Well that's certainly worth the  effort.   Prior to the   8 am start, runners gathered outside for the Star Spangled Banner.  The singer was outstanding and hit every note.
 There were over 200 runners, and they lined up at the Start behind Farm "Speedy Boots" Guy.  Best to let him go first unless you want to get trampled.
 Race director Eustaquia fires the starting pistol and the race is on! Evidently Farm Guy is already out in front and out of the picture.
 And a mere 18 minutes later, winner Eric Lowe crosses the finish line.  Eric won the first race two years ago and was happy to re-gain the title.  You may recall that Eric used to work at the NCRS years ago while in high school, and no doubt has an advantage of knowing the course and short cuts. Just kidding Eric. He has been working in Grand Rapids now for several years, but always keeps in shape for this NCRS race.
 Here come some runners nearing the final turn for the stretch to the finish line.  We really appreciate the several members of the Clinton County sheriff department for coming out and watching the race as it crossed the road a couple times. 
Here comes Farm Guy to the finish line.  He would have won, but he stopped to scout some soybeans over on Farm 5.  He just can't run by crops without stopping. 
After finishing, there was still time to encourage the walkers.
 Nick and Levi dash for the finish.  Not sure if Nick ever caught him.  Nick can run and sing.
You get thirsty competing in a 5K.  Well so I've heard.  Here we see Cory passing out.            
Water to passers-by.
AgroLiquid-ite Margi was also taking pictures on the course as it wandered through Farms 3, 2, 1 and 5.  She provided these next several pics of course action.
 Hey Todd, watch out for that Mud!  Don't say we didn't warn you.
 It was a nice morning for the event.  It's no doubt the place to be on a Saturday morning.
It was fun to see all ages giving it their best on course.  I am happy to report that all participants finished under their own power and the EMS crews on hand had to just sit and watch.
There were awards given to top performers in the various age groups.  Here we see Angi from Marketing giving Farm Guy a high five as she receives her award.  Didn't catch the age group though. Eustaquia passes out the engraved Fork trophy (get it: Farm to Fork?).  That's Burt handling the announcing duties.
 So it takes more than just a bunch of people showing up to run to make it a successful charity event.  Here is the board with all of the sponsors.  Just about all are local, and look how many there are.  It was also nice to see RFD TV as a major sponsor.  Thanks to all.
 And it also takes people in charge to get it done too.  Now Troy will be modest, but AgroLiquid does provide a lot of support with dedicated employees providing help, allowing the nice NCRS as the course venue, and there is the financial part as well.  But the real ring-leader is Eustaquia, who, like it or not, is the Event Chair for Life.  No one is a better leader for this than her.
One of the main reasons Eustaquia is so effective as the Chairwoman is that for the third straight year the rain held off until after the race was over.  Really unbelievable how she is able to do that.
Seriously.  Look at the last two years of blogs on 8/30/14 and 8/31/15 and the last picture is of rain falling after the race is concluded.  So that was #3...tune in next year for #4.  Or why not come run? Eric needs some competition.