Friday, August 5, 2016

Early Look at the AgroExpo

So I was at the office today and happened to look out the front window and saw a piece of farm equipment going by, headed North.  The same direction as the NCRS which is the site of the upcoming AgroExpo on August 16-18.  So I called Jay to see what's what and he said that there was already some equipment being brought out even though the AgroExpo is still 11 days away.  I was curious and decided to go out and take a look. 
 I stopped by Farm 12 which is the main AgroExpo site.  On this field they had it flagged for different equipment and other show items.  Wait, why is that corn on the left all dried down?
 Well there are different seed companies coming to the AgroExpo with demonstration plots.  Is this some new 50 day hybrid that is already at maturity?  Well not this year anyway.  It is actually some corn that Tim sprayed with paraquat yesterday, using 360 Undercovers and the Hagie boom nozzles.  It did a great job, but what's up with that?  Well I think they want to have some harvest demos for stalk management or something.  You'll have to come to see what it's all about.  But I'll bet that turns some heads of people driving by.
And here is where the early equipment is staged until the AgroExpo starts.  It's on Farm 3 HQ.  I see a grain cart, a sprayer, a manure spreader, a stalk mower, the silage bagger I saw out the office window, a rock picker and probably something else I missed.  Lot's more will be showing up next week as it takes time to get all of this organized.  But there will be lot's to see come showtime. 
So next week will be very busy with all of the AgroExpo prep work.  So be sure to come out to see us.  I will say that there will also be research plot tours as there always have been.  I will be leading those, so come make my week by taking a look around the NCRS, won't you?