Sunday, August 14, 2016

AgroLiquid Shines in Soggy St. Johns Mint Parade

So the second weekend in August can mean only one thing.  The St. Johns Mint Festival of course.  And any festival worth anything has a parade.  I don't think I've missed a parade in the 24+ years I've been at AgroLiquid, so I joined the other Liquidites and family and friends for this one.  It was kind of rainy, but that didn't stop the parade people or the loyal watchers in St. Johns.
 The rain stopped just as the parade started.  Here we see Matt expertly guiding the "supertanker"  through the streets of town while onlookers are awestruck by the big load it can carry.
 Our theme was "summer fun."  Here is our float with kids playing and a cool bubble machine.  I think I want one of those for my own self.  There's IT senior manager Dean making his way on his new racing bike.
What made the float a hit was the cute daughter of Nick and Andrea playing in the pool.  Surely they heated the water.  Although kids don't care if there's water involved.
Farm Guy accompanies Liquid walkers that passed out candy and made bubbles.
That's Stephanie's daughter doing a series of gymnastic moves down the street.  She learned that from Stephanie who will do that on the upcoming research farm tour.  Or maybe not.
 More walking and talking and tossing suckers.  (Where are all the dudes?  That's even Margie driving the pick-up.)
 Farm Guy hitches a ride.  He wore his farm boots and not his parade shoes I guess.
 Towards the end of the parade, the supertanker turns down the main street of town.
 Farm Guy walks the last stretch.
 Since the parade is about over, Dean heads over to get a new tattoo.  If it's in a place that's visible, I'll take a picture on Monday.
Well that was fun.  Come join us next year, won't you?