Monday, August 15, 2016

AgroExpo Is Almost Here!

So the very first AgroExpo is just a few days away, and it is really looking like a first class farm show is getting ready to take place.  What sets this show apart is that it is 100% geared towards farmers with all sorts of things to see and opportunity for learning.  We did get some rain on Saturday that was needed and appreciated.  So things are going to be looking great. 
 In the crops area it looks like some of the corn has already been harvested.  In August?  Now that would be worth seeing.
There will be several different irrigation systems on display, like this Reinke center pivot.  We have Reinke irrigation on two of the NCRS farms, although with a linear design.  And remember when I featured a visit to the Reinke headquarters and plant on a previous blog. (See September 21, 2014). But there will also be more overhead and subsurface as well.  Plus it looks like the putting green will be well watered for the putting trials.  The hole is in place.
 And here is our recently received new MAEAP sign, all mounted for viewing as you enter the Farm 12 show grounds.  We are so proud.
 This weekend there has been a flurry of activity as final preparations are made.  Like today.  As usual, I stayed out of the way and took pictures.  Actually I did whatever Ashley told me to do.  Just like she tells Nick and Tim where to go.
 Here is a special project that Phil is working on as Jay, Margie and Tim observe and offer encouragement  This is something new that visitors will enjoy.
 Can't have a farm show without signs.  Ashley, Angi and her son knock out the last ones.
All of the trucks were busy and we needed this equipment trailer moved.  So Levi lifted it up by the tongue and moved it to where Ashley was pointing.  Way to pitch in!
Well that's a day.  One more day to get ready as the more than 100 vendors stock their booths.  There will be plenty of demonstrations, tours, speakers and so much more. And certainly your favorite fertilizer will be prominently featured throughout.   Check it out at  And see you this week at AgroExpo!