Saturday, July 8, 2017

Dine and Discover at the NCRS

So you may recall the blog post on April 19 about Lunch and Learn at the NCRS.  That was where area farmers were invited to the NCRS for Lunch and also to Learn about our well-researched crop nutrition products.  There was a good turnout, and it was decided to have more of these types of events during the growing season.  Well that happened last Thursday with Dine and Discover at the NCRS.  I was not able to attend either event, which may be why both were successful and well attended.  Although I hope it was because there was good interest generated at the last event, and growers wanted to see what is happening so far in the research plots this year.  Several experiments were shown on Farm 7 where the event was held.  Some growers brought soil tests, all asked questions and all enjoyed the Dining part.  Stephanie reported that there were 58 in attendance, including staff and farmer kids.   You can't start Discovering too early, so all were welcome. One guy drove 5 hours from Ohio! Photographer Adam from Marketing sent me some pictures to share. 

So that looked fun.  Lunch and Learn.  Dine and Discover.  It appears that there is an alliteration theme here.  Hopefully after harvest there will be Brunch and Brag.