Sunday, July 9, 2017

Have You Been To the Corn Palace? (Yes, Corn For Real!)

So if you were driving through a town and saw this sign, would you turn and go see what it was?  Of course you would.  Even if you weren't in agriculture, you have to see a Corn Palace.
 So this is in Mitchell, SD, about an hour West of Sioux Falls.  I had some research plots near there and was in town it would just be rude not to go.  I had been there before, but years earlier.  It seems that there has been a Corn Palace since 1892.  Each year there is a different theme and this building is completely decorated in corn to fit the theme.  The decoration is done in the fall.  This year the theme is "Rock of Ages".  

Here is one side of the palace.  There appears to be some construction happening.  But there is Elvis and some other rock depictions.  
See, it really is corn.  Good thing for different colored corn.  It would be pretty difficult if only using yellow corn.  Amazing.  There is no doubt who it is.
 And here's everyone's favorite Rocker: Willie Nelson.  Well they must have taken some liberties.  Maybe the corn artist is a big fan.  But again, no doubt who it is.  Maybe they were out of Ringo Starr corn.
 Even on the inside there are corn pictures, like here in the arena.  There was some sort of sale going on.  I was in a hurry so didn't go down.  But all of the scenes around the ceiling are made from corn. They don't know when to stop.
 So of course I bought a post card at the gift shop.  Here is what is looked like last fall when completed.  They were able to clear the street of cars, which I couldn't do.  But it looks nice and new there.
This was on Friday morning, and there were lot's of tourists there.  Including buses.  Everyone likes corn.  Now if they only knew what a struggle it is to produce it in a hot and dry year like this.  But I'm pumped.  Can't wait to see what the next theme is.  Hopefully a high-efficiency fertilizer theme.  I'd look good in corn.