Saturday, July 1, 2017

Other Sights to See in Oregon

So it's no secret that one of my favorite things about traveling all over is seeing other sites worth seeing all over.  On my Oregon trip, Eric and I stopped by this place high over the Columbia River.  It is the Vista House at a place called Crown Point,  It was opened in 1918.  
 It is still in it's prime at 99 years old.  There is a gallery and shop inside.
 But the main attraction is the view of the Columbia River.
 Eric enjoyed the view while on a business call, as he often was.
Another stop was up river in the town of Boardman, OR, the site of the SAGE Center.  SAGE is a museum of Science, AGriculture and Energy.  It opened in 2013 and was developed by the Port of Morrow which is a major port for shipping of agricultural products from the area to the world.  There was an exhibit showing destinations all around the world for their local products.  So naturally we had to take a visit.
Even though they were right by the river, early area farmers had a tough time producing crops without water in the early 1900's.  Boardman, OR was first settled in 1903 by Samuel Boardman, who worked for 13 years to develop irrigation in the region, which changed the area forever.
 Eric learns the history of the area.  We did see a movie of how the town had to be relocated to higher ground in 1965 to make way for the John Day Dam.  The dams all along the river enable lots of energy, and more importantly, flood control.
There is plenty to learn about food production.  I will say that this is in a very small town, but is off of an interstate highway.  I hope they get enough people stopping by.  It was pretty good for explaining that food doesn't just come from a grocery store.
 Potatoes are a major crop in the area, and there was an exhibit on how potatoes are processed into consumer products.
 Curly a store or restaurant near you.  From out of the ground to a delicious food product just like that.  I found it very interesting.  By the way, all of this was moving in the exhibit.
So you may think that the SAGE center is similar to the IQ Hub.  Well, I found out that our own Burt Henry visited the SAGE center for ideas and sources back when the IQ Hub was being developed. Looks like both places are prime sites to visit for an education on real agriculture.  Both are worth the trip.