Friday, July 28, 2017

The Last of Last Week in Sask.

So in addition to the Ag In Motion trade show and seeing AgroLiquid crops on the farm, there was also some contract research nearby to visit.  An important crop up in Saskatchewan, as well as in several states, is the oilseed crop canola.  It is mostly in early to full bloom now.  It really adds color to the countryside.  The canola looks good but can use some rain.
This researcher runs large-scale plots.  Each individual plot is 30 x 400 feet.  And there are four replications.  We are testing different treatments, rates, new products like Micro 600 and Primagro, plus foliars.  Looks good to me.
These plots were planted with this customized Seed Master drill, seen here parked at the Ag In Motion show.  It is also used to plant most of the demonstration plots at the show.
Here is a close-up of the canola at about 30% flower.  The flowers will make cylindrical pods filled with tiny canola seeds.  We grew canola at the NCRS many years ago.  It is a challenge to harvest. Well, harvest it right that is.  It's tough to shatter the small pods and keep the fans just right to blow out the trash and not the seeds.  May have to try canola again some day.  Maybe.  
Here we see researcher Dean and Retail Partner Kellen checking some canola roots.  Not just for growth but also for root maggots.  Yuck.  That is a problem in some areas this year, as we saw elsewhere.  But these are nice and maggot-free.
So that was a fun time.  I like seeing well-run research plots.  Drought and maggots please stay clear.