Saturday, August 12, 2017

Farm Guy, Star of St Johns Mint Parade

So if it's the second weekend in August, that can mean only one thing: The St. Johns Mint Festival Parade!  The small but loyal contingent of friends of AgroLiquid assemble at their spot in the staging area.  As usual, it's a big parade.  This year we are #80 with still more behind us.  I am a little worried about the group of horses and riders ahead of us.  But time to march!
The Festival theme this year is the St. Johns Stampede.  Sheriff Bruiser here in driver John's truck will keep things from getting too rowdy.
The streets were lined with citizens and visitors from far and wide who cheer the truck and Farm Guy.  There was plenty to be had from AgroLiquid like candy, tote bags, garden cushions and invites to the upcoming AgroExpo.
 The final stretch through downtown.
 Oh no!  Watch where your're going Farm Guy!
 Oh the humanity!  Isn't anyone going to help that poor man?
Relax.  This is Farm Guy.  I'm sure it's not the first time those boots have stepped in manure.  In no time he is back to his happy self representing Agro and farmers.
But isn't that why horses are usually at the end?  No matter, it was fun.  We were all glad to support the Festival Parade.