Monday, April 25, 2011

Let There Be Concrete!

So what else happened today, you ask? Well they poured the concrete floor of the shop extension. It was fun to watch other people work. They had a pump that was fed by the big cement trucks.And it was fed into the building where there was a large crew that spread it out and smoothed it. It only took a couple hours to get it all poured, and then a while longer to get it smoothed.
Kind of like painting yourself into a corner. Well, I guess not since they just walked out.

I never did learn the official name of what this piece of leveling equipment is called, but it was fun. Here Phil takes a turn. It's smooooth.

Meanwhile over on Farm 3, with the floor on the shop poured, the crew makes final prep work for the new equipment barn, which will be poured tomorrow. They got it all levelled using lasers for guidance. Doug watches the progress. I'm pretty sure they have done this before.

Meanwhile back at the shop, the finishers make sure the floor is right. It will be a few weeks before we can bring in heavy equipment, but it will be nice.

Hopefully the weather cooperates so that they can keep going. Tune in for the next exciting chapter....