Friday, April 29, 2011

We Saw The Sun Today!

So today was the first day in some time that we could drive to the farm without having to use windshield wipers. But the fields are still way too wet to work and we really need some dry and sunny weather for awhile. This will be the first April that I can remember that we have no corn planted. And worse is that the sugarbeet seed is still in the planter. But enough bad news.

Yesterday Brian and Dan went up to the Traverse City area to work with some fruit trees. This area is one of the nation's biggest tart cherry production areas (Michigan is the nations leading producer of tart cherries), and Liquid fertilizer is used by a number of smart growers. The picture below shows some young cherry trees in the foreground. They took some measurements with calipers to get some baseline data on trees to be treated with some different fertility treatments, including the new Liquid fertilizer Fase2. In the background are some larger trees that have been fertilized with Fase2 (formerly G-07) for several years with positive results.

Here is what the shop extension looked like this morning. They got the paneling up and it really looks nice. Next they will blow insulation above the ceiling, and then add lights.
The apple trees at the NCRS were just starting to leaf out, and below we see Dan applying some fungicide and fertilizer. This is a very timely application with all of the cold wet weather so far this spring. Thanks Dan. Keep your fingers crossed for some planter pictures next week. Enjoy the weekend.