Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Creeping In Here at NCRS

So winter has been keeping it's icy grip on us Michiganders and so we have not really done any field work to date. However, on Monday we did get our dormant established alfalfa sprayed with Sencor. This is a must to keep out dandelions, mustards and shepherd's purse. Here we see Phil making the first spray application of the year in his Hagie. The new field drainage tiles from our tiling job last spring are all running. Here is a nice field of winter wheat at the NCRS. This was planted following silage corn. We have not yet topdressed any of our wheat as the fields are still muddy. But hopefully by next week. This is how our new shop extension looked today. The building part is pretty much done and concrete will be poured sometime soon. And you can also see the puddles as it has been raining all day here again. I really wish I could send some of this rain down to family and friends in Oklahoma. They are drought stricken and wildfire sickened.