Saturday, April 16, 2011

That Was The Week That Was

So this past week was a mixed bag of weather, but there were some good days to get some things done, and so we did. Topdressing wheat was the first order of business. With year two of using our new technology of gps guidance and documentation, some refresher courses were needed. Instructor Stephanie reviews programming the monitor for spraying with Phil. We had some larger replicated field strip plots of different topdress fertilizer applications, and so we used Phil's Hagie with the 45 foot boom. And we also had some smaller 15 foot wide plots where I used the Old Hagie, as the new one is not yet ready for action (much to the disappointment of our leader Troy.) But it will be soon. Poor Doug has been very busy with all of the building projects. But here is a view from the drivers seat of another winter wheat plot being topdressed. This field was the last wheat we planted and is featured in the October 13, 2010 blog. So it isn't as big as the wheat in the above picture. Note the tram lines we use for driving in our narrow-row plots. Possibly one of the last shots (taken by Stephanie) of the old Hagie faithfully applying fertilizer for an experiment to aid in the knowledge of growing food for the world. No small task indeed.
Thursday the soil on Farm 7 was able to be worked in preparation for planting an oat experiment, which was done on Friday. Doug and Stephanie rode in the 7820 pulling the drill, with Stephanie helping Doug navigate the plots. When I saw Stephanie later, I asked her the same question I always ask: "Did you take some pictures?" Regretfully, she admitted that even though she had her camera, she forgot to take a picture till the very end and only had the picture below to show. I reminded her that there is a legion of fans of this blog that are depending on our full documentation of all activities on the farm. It won't happen again.
Finally, I thought I would show you what the south end of Farm 8 looks like. There used to be small scrub trees and bushes here along the road, but they have been cleared out and we will plant some fruit trees and maybe some more grapes here later. This will be a good location on this south facing slope. Brian and Dan are planning this and as always, as it happens, it will be shown here first.
Next week we will venture further in plot establishment as the 2011 growing season unfolds.