Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What to do on a cold and rainy day.....

So the cold weather of early March continues, even though it is the second half of April. It rained 1.25 inches last night here at the NCRS, and off and on again all day. Temperatures barely reached 40 with a cold wind, so the planter did not come out again today. We did receive most of our soybeans today. Our forklift got kidnapped for use at the Ashley plant construction, so Doug used this one parked here by the construction crew here at the NCRS. This monster made quick work of unloading the seed pallets. The Bancrofts have been generous with giving the farm good equipment, but a forklift like this is probably out of the question. All of the rain brought out the earthworms onto the pavement. After surviving all winter deep in the ground, they are now driven to certain doom. Yes, I think of things like this and will occasionally toss them back onto the grass when no one is looking. OK, shrink session over, get back to work.
You may have seen the nice catwalk structure Ron D. built for the Ashley plant in Nick's Ashley project blog. Well most of it was sent out to be powder coated, but this piece was too big for their paint oven. So Doug had to spray paint it yesterday. But first the farm crew covered everything with plastic in case it got out of control, or too painty in the air. It turned out nice and was later loaded onto a trailer for transport to Ashley tomorrow. (Did anyone see the Mr. Bean episode where he painted a room by blowing up a can of paint? Still laughing at the silhouette of the guy who forgot his hat. Guess you had to be there.)

Here is a picture of the shop expansion. The water hoses for the floor heat were installed today by the construction crew. Now it is ready for the pouring of concrete, which will be someday soon if it ever warms up.
Follow the fun here at the NCRS as we impatiently watch the days pass by knowing we should be planting. But Mother Nature is clearly in control.