Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gone Shopping

So after my return to the NCRS today, I ventured out into the shop to a beehive of activity. Well, no making of honey, but plenty of work being done as spring farm work creeps ever closer. Below we see Phil inside the new stainless steel tank he is making for his Hagie field sprayer. It has one 400 gallon stainless tank already, but with farm expansion we needed another for more capacity. Here he comes up for a breather. It is a lot of work and kind of spendy, but we learned years ago that poly tanks don't clean out easily leading to contamination and crop injury later (like dicamba on soybeans).
I think I mentioned earlier that new wiring harnesses are being installed on all of the equipment to make them able to be plugged into any tractor. The Monosem still has a some work remaining. But it will be done soon.

But the new Kinze is all ready to go.

Bay City Brian works on wiring in equipment harnesses in one of the new tractors.

Ron is nearly finished with the fertilizer loadout platform that will be installed in the Goodland, Kansas manufacturing plant. I think he is just showing off for the picture.

Tim is working on some mounting equipment for the fertilizer manifold in the containment building. We are hoping to get our fertilizer tanks loaded in the next week or two.

So the guys have been working some long days lately to get everything ready to go to the field. We are fortunate to have a talented group here at the farm. So when you see all the cool pictures of the equipment running in the field later, these are the guys who made it happen.

Also today we got our first shipment of seed: soybeans in all sorts of container sizes and varieties. I guess that does mean that planting is on the horizon.

A lot of dollars is in this picture. With Liquid fertilizer, and a good year, there will be many happy returns for the NCRS.