Sunday, March 18, 2012

Time Out For St. Patrick

So I don't have to write about farm stuff all the time. Yesterday was the celebration of St. Patrick's Day, which also was the real St. Patrick's Day of March 17. There is a big celebration in the small town of Grand Ledge, where I live. We were certainly blessed by the nicest weather we have ever had for the parade. Last year there was snow on the ground and this year we wore shorts. There was a big crowd downtown. The parade featured two bagpipe bands, one from Canada and one from Lansing. I was in the parade with the Knights of Columbus train here. It was full of kids and we passed out Tootsie Rolls to the mob of kids along the street.
Below is a pic of me in action passing out the Tootsie Rolls to parade watchers. (And if you see any K of C members in your town on Palm Sunday weekend on their Tootsie Roll Drive for charity, please be generous.)

So that was a fun time. By the way, I read something in the paper this morning that I thought was interesting and will share it with you. We have all heard the saying: "Cut to the chase". (In fact you may be saying that right now.) We know what it means: Get to the point. But I didn't know where it came from. Well it seems it came from back in the silent movie days. The usual format then was some sort of intro, some romance and then a chase scene. (I think some of us can remember seeing a piece of a silent movie before somewhere.) But it was said of screenwriters then, "When in doubt, cut to the chase." Today we take it to mean: skip through all the meaningless information, and get to the point. So it is an excellent motto for speakers, and I guess writers, today. Of course I'm sure this wouldn't pertain to any of my fertilizer presentations, but I sure hope everyone else will keep this in mind. (Thanks to Patty McCarthy & Paula Blanchard-Stone.)

Oh and about yesterday's blog post, you really didn't think I surely not!