Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nice Day to Be Outside

So this stuff happened yesterday, but I left my camera on my desk when I left the farm. So we're not really "Live From the NCRS", but close. I showed our first shipment of seed the other day. Well you can't leave something that valuable just sitting around the shop, so Ron here loaded it up on our big trailer and took it to our secret vault for storage. It has been unusually warm here lately so planting doesn't seem that far off, even though it is. I heard frogs "singing" for the first time yesterday. Troy told me that freezes will chase frogs back into the ground three more times after you hear them for the first time. Now I'm older than him, and I have never heard that saying before. But you know I will keep count now. So you certainly know that my reliable old plot sprayin' Hagie was retired from research and sold to a kindly gentleman farmer from Indiana. Well he stopped by yesterday to see what exactly it was that he bought. His name is Adam and I'm not exactly sure what he has in mind to do with it, but it won't be resting in the Hagie Hall of Fame.
The five smaller tanks have been replaced with regular tanks, and it does indeed spray as Adam takes it for a test drive. Well not exactly a test drive since he bought it some time ago and the check cleared. I hope he has as good a time with it as I did.

Since it was nice out, we took some of the equipment out for some check rides. The drill appears to be ready to plant oats here pretty soon.

And they wanted to see if one of the new smaller tractors would be able to handle the new Proptec sprayer that the NCRS got last December. It was filled with water and maneuvered around just fine.

So things seem to be coming along, but much is yet to be done.