Thursday, March 15, 2012

Warm Day Work

So you wouldn't know it was mid-March today as temperatures got up into the upper 70's, and it is going to stay this way well into next week. Normal high is 40 and the normal low is 28, and the low was only in the 50's last night. And so it is around the country. But yesterday at the NCRS they were finally able to put the plastic cover on the greenhouse. It has been too windy the past several days, but yesterday morning it was pretty calm. They had a crew of four and these guys worked fast. In only a short time it was covered. Here is what it looked like from the inside. The fuel guy came and hooked the propane line to the heater and it was wired for power. There are still some wiring jobs for the thermostat. There is a big fan at the other end for cooling. Today it was pretty warm in there, but we haven't run the fan or opened it up for cooling yet. But it should be much cooler than this anyway, and I imagine normal weather will return sometime.
Here is what the cole crop transplants looked like in the growth chamber yesterday. They are to be moved to the greenhouse pretty soon. Today Dan moved them outside into the shade so that they get accustomed to sunlight, but slowly in order to avoid sunburn. I will take some more pictures after they get moved into the greenhouse. Then Brian and Dan will start the next round of planting.

Here is a picture of Tim doing something to the Nutri-Till machine today. The reason I show this, other than to show Tim doing something, is to demonstrate a cool new find. You may or may not know that I use Picasa for my photo editing. It is a free download and is easy to use. You can really improve the appearance of your pictures. Well tonight I found that there was an upgrade to Picasa version 3.9. My favorite descriptions: free and new. So I downloaded it and was impressed with some of the new applications.

One of them is "neon". See what it did to Tim. Out of this world, man. There are lots of colors, but I thought Tim looked best in blue. Impress your friends and get it.

So have fun. I think tomorrow will bring some surprises, so come back then.