Friday, October 12, 2012

Ag Career Fair...Where Past and Future Meet.

So yesterday was the MSU Agriculture Career Fair where employers can talk to students about future employment.  That would be full time or internships.  We were there mainly to seek student interns to work at the NCRS next year.  Now tell the truth.  You would want to stop and talk to these fine people wouldn't you?  Now throw me into the mix, and that's a draw.
There were quite a few ag companies of all types there, as well as a lot of students.  They were from majors as Crop and Soil Science, Agri-Business Management (the most popular I think), Ag Biosystems (or something like that), Horticulture (not enough of these), Animal Science and probably otheres.  It was interesting to see all the young faces so full of hope and promise.  I was like that once (didn't I say that last year too?)  There are some good students here.  I attended an employer job focus group prior to the Career Fair, and there are plenty of good jobs for good students in Ag Business today.  Many jobs go wanting, including some with ACLF.  We have to do a better job of getting the word out to high schools or something.  It was noted that many young kids today want to return to the farm, where before their parents wouldn't let them.  Times are pretty good now with good crop prices. 
And who should stop by but one of our 2011 interns Jeff.  Well Jeff graduated last spring and is now employed as an agronomist for a mint oil farm operation.  In fact his company is looking to employ some students too and had a booth there.  It felt good to see that he got a good ag job.  Hopefully we can work some Liquid into the fields sometime.  We talked about it.
And here is this year's intern Kirk.  We didn't get too nostalgic as he is still helping us.  But it was good to see him.  He won't graduate for another year, so maybe we can get him back....
And it wouldn't have been complete if we didn't see Amanda, another 2011 intern.  She had a different internship this summer, and is planning on going to graduate school in Weed Science when she graduates in December.  Well Brian and I both have graduate degrees in Weed Science and Stephanie worked in Weed Science as an undergraduate.  So what could go wrong with that??? 
So today the students who signed up last night will be interviewed for 2013 internships.  We also have recieved a few applications from ag students at other schools for consideration.  But we sure enjoy the MSU connection.