Friday, October 5, 2012

How About a Hand for Hand Laborers?

So here it is Friday already and I have been neglecting my reporting duties for the week.  Like last Monday the remaining Concord grapes were picked.  Below we see the labor line-up of Brian, Tim B, Dan and Kurt (who is still helping us in between his classes at MSU).  Relax readers, I lept into action and picked a plot as soon as this picture was taken.  That white thing?  That's the solar powered deer fence, or today for keeping the workers in.
That done, there were tomatoes to pick.  On the path to that field, I passed our double-crop soybeans.  Earlier optimism has waned for obvious reasons.  There are pods, but they are still green.  And the deer have really hit these hard as they are all clipped to about half size.  They evidently liked the fresh young beans later in the season.  These were group 2.0 beans planted in mid-July after wheat harvest.  Michigan is not a double drop state, but we were hopeful this year.  I have driven by a few double-crop fields around, and they too are quite green.  It will be interesting to see if many are able to be harvested.
There is just no comfortable way to do this.  Or to stay clean.
Since I always take pictures of Tim B, he grabbed my camera to return the favor.  I'm glad of the proof that I worked for a day.
Glad that was over.