Tuesday, October 23, 2012

NCRS Movie (The Sequal)

So Monday got off to a strange start.  There was this firery orb up above.  And the sky was blue too.  We were unfamiliar with such conditions until we consulted the Chronicles and learned it was the sun and no clouds.  (But it didn't last.)  We got busy and removed the massive 15 foot grain table so that the corn head could be put on.  (We have a special grain table with legs that just walk it right off.)
Remember our movie about the NCRS last year, and I documented the filming of it right here in the blog?  It was called The NCRS Team?  (Just make me feel good and say you do.)  Sadly it went straight to video, but we got some backers and went about making the sequal yesterday.  It was again directed by Mick of Creative Services.  Below they document the harvesting of a corn plot under cloudy skies.  Actually we have been "filming" (they don't use film anymore, but I don't know what the replacement word is) all season from start to finish to document Life at the NCRS.  And today was the grand finale of harvest.
Here is the gripping climax of unloading corn into the scaled grain cart.  Tim D and co-star Ashley are overcome with emotion. 
There were also some speaking roles.  Here I stealthily observe Brian talking about what it is he does.  I was banned from the set for Stephanie and Tim's parts.
And again we have some hi-tech scenes with the potato sorter ruthlessly separating the different sizes of spuds.   
So this is just a tease to make you want to come back to the website at some point in the near future for the debut of the as yet untitled feature.  

And as usual, it started raining again by late afternoon and we got another 0.7 inches overnight.  So no harvesting today.  Again.