Thursday, October 25, 2012

Harvest Resumes (Yay!)

So recall on Monday we were making movies here at Hollywood North.  But none of the action was staged as we were really harvesting plots, like this corn on Farm 3
And over in the potato plots they were digging more Snowden chipping potatoes.  Here Dan and Tim B collect these potatoes dug from a plot as Brian takes this pic from the tractor.  Then later they are taken in and sorted, as has been well documented.
Tuesday it was rainy.  But yesterday, Wednesday, was a beautiful day.  Temperatures approached 80 in the afternoon and there was no wind.  If it's too windy, it affects the reading on the grain cart scale.  Here is some harvesting action of corn on Farm 6.  Soil on Farm 6 is very sandy and we have not ever had very good yields in the three years we have farmed it.  But this year we averaged 150 bu/a which is outstanding here.  I attribute it to the ample rains in July and August during pollination and ear development.  This in spite of below average rain earlier in the growing season.
Here we see Ashley diligently collecting a sample of corn from a plot to determine moisture and test weight back at NCRS HQ.  Take note of the fashionable safety glasses that she, and all of us wear during this type of work.  All it takes is one wayward kernel....
Today it was still pretty muddy on some of our other farms in heavier soil, so Doug ran the combine on some production corn on the lighter soils of Farm 7.  In the meantime, Tim D and Stephanie started marking out field borders on our new Farm 12.  (See post on October 11.)  This is to get the field gps-mapped and for soil sampling.  Those are tracks from our plot border marking tool, not ruts.
Also today, the vegetable crew was now harvesting carrots.  Recall that most of their harvests are by hand, and carrots are no exception.  These look like pretty long rows of plots.  These carrots sure do have large tops.
After weighing, the carrots are put in a bin for later transport to the food bank.  These are great looking carrots.
Tomorrow is Friday and rain is in the forecast, but we are hoping for a forecast error.