Friday, October 19, 2012

New Office Tour

So Stephanie and I rolled into the main office parking lot just in time to catch the employee tour of the new office building. It was rainy again, so a good day for a building visit.  I had not yet been inside. It is really coming along fast it seems.   
Inside there was a lot of activity.  I'm sure they are trying hard to get it all enclosed before winter and the "s" word stuff starts to fall.
Here we are up on the second floor.  It is big.  Not sure where my desk will be yet.  Surely with my tenure it will be by a spacious window.
Lynette takes a short cut through the pool area.
Dave H walks the plank back from the silo.  You can see the future Ag Tech Center wth the wood frame in the background.
Here we are inside the Ag Tech Center.  Nice ceiling.  This is where a planned history of agriculture and ag technology exhibits will be housed.  Troy wants this to be more than an office, and be a place for the public to learn more about where food comes from.  That is one thing we all have in common: the need for food.  Why not be better informed before you put it in your mouth?
It's come a long way since my blog post of April 11 and the ground breaking where there was a wheat field here.