Saturday, May 7, 2011

Don't Let This Happen to You!

So Doug and I came in today to get caught up on some tillage and planting of what we call "production corn". That is corn, and later soybeans, that are not part of an experiment, but are planted with the same love that we show the test plots. Doug planted awhile while I worked ground, and then we switched. I've told you how much I like the auto steer. But it shouldn't be an invitation to not watch where you are going and play with your cell phone. I was on some strips only about 900 feet long, and looking up something on my phone, when I felt myself curving out of control. The auto steer had kicked off for some reason! I said "Darn, that's unfortunate." (Or words to that effect in case my mom is reading this.) The picture below shows what happened. (Note: I was planting every other track for easier turning and then coming back after a few to fill in the gaps, as I was doing here.) But here is were the story takes an unexpected turn, no pun intended (well maybe.) Rather than back up and try to get back on track, I drove on out and then started planting back towards the spot where I curved so that the rows would eventually line up with the accuracy of the RTK autosteer. But just as I was approaching the spot, the autosteer again disengaged and I started curving again!!! And guess what track number it was? Believe it or not, it was track 13! I am not making this up. So I re-engaged the auto steer and the rows did finally line up. But there will be some extra hoeing to remove the errant corn. But by somebody else, I'm not going back to the haunted corn field!