Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Taking Advantage of Good Planting Weather

So the planting weather has been ideal this week and much progress has been made. I hate to admit it, but a little rain shower would actually be nice right now as the warm weather and wind has really dried out the soil. It seems later in the week than only Wednesday since the days have been long with lot's of work by everyone. Below we see Doug on Monday planting corn on Farm 5. The concrete aprons of the fertilizer storage barn were poured on Monday.
Randy and Ron A. are busy installing the lights in the shop extension. Heads up Randy.

This week the NCRS has two Michigan State University students on an internship assignment, and will be with us all summer. Amanda and Jeff are both Crops and Soil Sciences majors and we are glad to have them. We hope they will learn much about crop nutrition and conducting agronomic research. Below Jeff does some refinement of the leaching wells.

Below Amanda spreads dry fertilizer in a comparison plot with our dry fertilizer air spreader.

The planter is still following the tractor and, with luck, we should be finished planting the corn experiments tomorrow. And then on to soybeans.

We have started planting some "production acres" of soybeans this week. Below Doug and returning summer worker Jake load bulk soybeans into the drill. The bag above Doug's head is the liquid innoculant that is metered by a tube onto the beans as they enter the auger. This works really well for innoculant application. We call it our soybean IV.

And look at this surprise to the farm we saw this afternoon. A pair of Bald Eagles were down on Farm 1. This one was eating something. (We took a head count after seeing this. All personnel were accounted for.) Tim lives right next to Farm 1 and said that he has seen them earlier. Maybe they are making a nest in the woods. They are pretty big, and very cool to see.

Keep visiting this blog for future eagle updates.