Monday, May 23, 2011

What Next???

So where has the blog been since last Monday? Mostly watching it rain yet again. I know you don't tune in to hear me complain, but it seems that I have a lot of company this year. We had an inch of rain the previous weekend, and were able to plant only one soybean experiment on Tuesday on our sandiest ground (CEC of 5). All other fields were too wet. Then it rained Tuesday night, Wednesday and Thursday for a total of 1.2 inches. Then some light showers Saturday and Sunday, and another 0.25 inches this morning. So to remind everyone that this is still a farm, here is a picture of planting last Tuesday. We were the only one's planting anywhere around that day. Stephanie assures us that there are still enough heat units coming for the corn we haven't planted yet I started this last night when a thunderstorm caused a power outage at my home. It did not come back on till 7 this morning. So I did not hear anything about the terrible tornado in Joplin, Missouri until the Today Show. I have driven through Joplin a number of times driving between Oklahoma and Michigan. Again with such terrible devastation and loss of life as we saw recently in the South, especially Tuscaloosa. No one can prepare for how they would react to such a tragedy. How could you? The survivors all seem to be thankful they survived, yet at the same time, sorry for the losses. And all seem to have a strong resolve to rebuild. That's admirable and they sure need our prayers and support.