Monday, May 2, 2011

Getting In On The Ground Floor

So there are actually two blog posts today as one blog could not contain all of the activities that happened today. We are getting the new fertilizer and chemical barn ready to pour the concrete floor. This floor is unlike the others at the farm in that it will be sloped inward to contain any accidental spills. Additionally, a liner will be placed on the ground under the concrete for additional environmental protection. Today we got a crew together to help put down the liner. First it was necessary to square up all of the dirt on the edges and flatten out any loose dirt. Guest worker Dale Ruff operates one of those things that vibrates to pack loose dirt. He was told to just keep going in circles.The roller pushed rocks into the ground while Ron A. smoothes out the taper around a sump. Dale is still going in circles.
Next the tarp was unrolled...

...and then pulled across the floor. Hopefully no one lost their phone or car keys.
Here everyone inspects the work and all agree that they did an excellent job.

Next the sides were nailed up. Here Phil holds the tarp and Ron A. nails it. His work completed, Dale goose steps off the tarp much to Stephanie's amusement.

Later the concrete crew came in to push sand over the tarp. They use a laser leveler to make the grade correct for the concrete containment.

Dale, if it seems like I was picking on you...well I was. But only because I know you can take it. And we really did appreciate your help and experience with this. So thanks, and drop by any time. Stay tuned for tomorrow's report on the big pour. Till next time....good night NCRS.