Friday, May 6, 2011

Parade of Planting

So we were blessed with another nice day here at the NCRS, and all were busy. Brian has a new vegetable transplanter to use this year. This more accurately simulates real world vegetable growing, as compared to the old way of setting them one at a time by hand. This also applies "setter water" including fertilizer as the plants are set into the raised beds. Here we see Brian at the helm with Tim and Dan loading plants as the holder thing, or whatever it is called, comes around. This work is so exciting they are literally on the edges of their seats. Here we see several rows of cabbage. Later on they transplanted broccoli. I hope no rabbits are reading this.
We are doing more tillage than usual this year to work down the tile tracks from last year. Here we see Ron running our new (again for us) mulch tiller on the back of Farm 5. It does a nice job of seed bed preparation with the trailing rolling baskets.

And here we see Doug planting a corn plot under Stephanie's watchful eye. We have gotten a number of corn tests planted the past two days. The ground is ready and warmer temps are on the way.

Although we have been busy planting here this week, it's heartbreaking seeing all of the flooding along the swollen rivers to the south. Don't know how all of that will all turn out, but our thoughts and prayers are with all of those poor farmers, and with others affected.