Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Birthday...To Blog!!!

So can you believe it has been a year already since the launch of the wildly successful "Live From the NCRS" blog? Seems like it was only yesterday. A year ago I showed a picture of our new gps/autosteer equipment and also a picture of the frosted corn that took a hit (but fully recovered.) I have really enjoyed sharing pictures and descriptions of what we do here at the North Central Research Station as we progress through the growing season. Thanks for reading. In addition to the readership in North America, that being U.S., Canada and Mexico, the blog stats lists page views in Germany, China, Russia (zdravstvute ya'll, yep High School Russian really paid off), Netherlands, India, England and Indonesia. So wear a Liquid T-shirt the next time you are in Jakarta and you may find a friend! This is the 97th blog posting since birth last year. Hmm...I think I sense another milestone in the near future. Well excuse me for now...I've got to get back to the celebration.