Saturday, October 8, 2011

Beautiful Day Out...Let's Harvest Soybeans!

So this incredible summer weather continues. It got up to 81 degrees today. But today the trees are really starting to show fall color. This is on the Road to Farm 7, where our adventure begins. We started harvesting there yesterday. Below is what an unharvested soybean experiment looks like when we arrive. Each experiment usually has 10 treatments with 4 replications. Let's see....that would be...(just checking)....40 plots to be harvested. Each plot is 265 feet long. It takes about an hour and a half to harvest one experiment. Today we harvested two, so that would be...let's see.....(just checking).....ok, about 3 hours. Not too bad for a Saturday afternoon.
Phil opens up the experiment by harvesting off the border rows. It is plenty dusty, as beans usually are. And they were dry, less than 13% moisture. Don't worry Mom, I have a dust mask when in the dust trails.

And the familiar site of the weigh cart chasing the combine from plot to plot.

When the cart got full, it was dumped into the grain trailer. Note the word Research on the side.

We also like the company theme "Research Driven, Farmer Trusted" on the fender. We do the "Research" part, and are glad when the "Farmer Trusted" part follows.

Haven't had a chance to see how the treatments in the experiments are doing so far, but we are pretty happy with the yields considering the year. But the results will be coming. All that is hidden will be made clear. Happy harvesting yourself.